Steven Mango grew up in the greater Boston area. From the beginning, his career goal was to become an actor. Steven headed to Los Angeles right out of high school and quickly immersed himself into doing the work to develop his talent and contacts. He became a member of the Screen Actors Guild-American Federation of Television and Radio Artists and trained in film acting at the New York Film Academy. Always continuing to work on his craft, Steven continues to train with respected industry professionals. He since gained substantial on-camera work in comedy, drama and commercials.

Activism was not initially part of his story; but after leaving the Church of Scientology, he became a well-known critic and go-to media spokesman for the anti-cult movement. A desire to prevent other young actors from falling under the spell of the “Church”, Steven created Mangotology, a YouTube channel devoted exclusively to exposing Scientology. His marquee video is now over one million views and counting.

Steven also appeared on television and in documentaries, including a supporting role in the BBC’s 2017 film My Scientology Movie, starring Louis Theroux and directed by John Dower. In addition, his tell-all memoir of his experience with Scientology is slated for publication this year.

Currently, Steven is a full-time YouTube content creator with three YouTube channels. Collectively, his channels have several million views, and to interact with his loyal following of subscribers, he also hosts weekly live streams. He is also the producer of Mango Juice, a podcast on which he discusses pop culture, celebrities, and Hollywood.

In 2018, he established lilybeau Productions, Inc., a production company producing new media content.

In his free time, Steven enjoys fine dining, exploring Los Angeles, watching documentary films, reading and traveling. He and his husband Jeff live in Los Angeles with their two Standard Poodles.

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