Steven Mango grew up in the greater Boston area.

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As the years went by, Steven discovered the art of acting. He began acting when he was young and it just grew from there to become more than just a hobby. He realized that through performing, he not only had an emotional release – he could reach out and touch people too. Acting became his passion, his desire, his life.

After a trip to Los Angeles while in high school, Steven fell in love. He knew in an instant he would move there as soon as he was able to. And just a few days after his high school graduation, Steven was on his way to Los Angeles, full of dreams, high hopes and determination.

Steven quickly found his bearings in the city of lights and immersed himself into becoming a successful actor. It wasn’t long before Steven became a member of the Screen Actors Guild and The American Federation of Television and Radio Artists.

Steven is always working on improving his craft. He trained at several prominent acting studios, most notably The Ivana Chubbuck Studio. His training includes substantial on-camera work in comedy and drama, as well as commercials.

In his short time in Hollywood, Steven set out a roadmap for his career and is working hard to make things happen. His determination and follow through set him apart from the competition. He doesn’t rely on others to succeed – he makes things happen.

Steven is the model of what young Hollywood should be. His positive attitude and strong work ethic are almost unheard of for someone his age. His unique story of determination and sacrifice is an inspiration for any young person with a dream. Steven hopes his experiences can inspire others to know that they can become whatever they want to be, to follow their dreams and to never give up. No one should be afraid to take a chance, to bet on himself or herself.

In his free time, Steven enjoys reading, traveling, writing poetry and exploring Los Angeles.

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